Untz Untz

The creative process
It's about that feeling. The feeling when you're stuck and not getting anywhere. No one understands you. That feeling. It's more than frustration. It is a place where creativity slowly lies down and dies.

Therefore, Untz Untz exists. A sanctuary for creativity. All those sayings that come and go. With Untz Untz they have a home.

Look through some of what we have amused ourselves with since the start in 2010.

Untz Untz is brought to you with Jenny Karlsson.

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What is Untz Untz?

Reverse the Earth
The world's first earth-revolving campaign.

YouTube Chanel
An absolute favorite, a collaboration between YouTube and Chanel.

Some of the best Untz Untz posters (all available on Untz Untz's Facebook page).


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