A dive into virtual reality with H&M's Olympic Collection.

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Background and objective

In 2016, during a time when virtual reality technology was just beginning to emerge, H&M seized the opportunity to launch their new Olympic collection in a unique and engaging way. The challenge was to stand out in the highly competitive advertising frenzy of the Olympics.

H&M aimed to introduce their Olympic collection in a manner that not only linked to the excitement of the Olympics but also encouraged foot traffic to their stores. The goal was to engage consumers in a way that went beyond traditional advertising, capturing their full attention with an innovative approach.

Strategy and execution

H&M partnered with Marvelous to create an immersive virtual reality experience. The strategy was to provide a thrilling alternative to conventional advertisements by leveraging the novelty and allure of VR technology.

A two-minute virtual reality film was developed, simulating the adrenaline-pumping sensation of standing on a 10-meter diving platform. 

Participants, alongside virtual professional divers donned in H&M’s Olympic attire, experienced the dive themselves. The VR experience was featured in Kungsträdgården in Stockholm and at an H&M pop-up store, complemented by a voucher giveaway to drive store traffic. The event was also broadcast live on Facebook, enhancing its reach and engagement.

Experience the virtual reality dive

Results and impact

1000+ experiencing the VR dive
Increase in foot traffic to H&M
Strenghtening H&M as a forward-thinking brand

The VR campaign achieved notable success with high participation with thousands experiencing the VR dive, demonstrating strong engagement. A significant increase in foot traffic to stores, with vouchers serving as an effective incentive. Positive feedback on the innovative use of VR, enhancing H&M’s image as a forward-thinking brand. Substantial online interaction through live streaming and social sharing.

The campaign was a cutting-edge, experimental marketing endeavor that paid off by attracting considerable attention and engagement from the public. It was a testament to H&M’s willingness to embrace new and untested methods to create exciting consumer experiences.


H&M’s approach to using virtual reality for the Olympic collection launch was not just about showcasing new apparel but about creating a memorable event that resonated with the adventurous spirit of the Olympics. This campaign was a bold move that demonstrated the potential of VR in retail contexts, earning the brand praise for its innovative and daring strategy.

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