Maxalt Rapitab

Focused campaign for new OTC migraine medicine connects with women

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Market new OTC drug against migraines
Focus on women, main sufferers of migraines
Inclusive strategy

The launch of Maxalt Rapitab, an over-the-counter migraine medication that dissolves in the mouth and offers relief within 2 hours, marked a significant development in migraine treatment. Produced by Organon, a company specializing in women’s health, the campaign aimed to introduce this new product to the Swedish market and elevate awareness among a demographic predominantly affected by migraines—women. Studies show that during their reproductive years, up to 43% of women suffer from migraines, compared to only about 6% of men, highlighting the critical need for targeted migraine relief options.

The strategy targeted women across different life stages—from young adults to post-menopausal women—highlighting that migraines can strike anyone, anytime. This focus was driven by the recognition that women are three times more likely than men to suffer from migraines, underscoring the broad potential impact of Maxalt Rapitab.

Creative approach and execution

Under the campaign tagline “Specialized in Migraine,” we developed a series of moving narratives featuring four women who experience sudden migraine attacks in everyday situations. Each story showcased the protagonist remembering their Maxalt Rapitab and feeling reassured knowing relief was imminent. We tackled the challenge of adhering to strict advertising regulations by focusing on the emotional reassurance felt upon taking the medication, rather than the physical alleviation of symptoms, showcasing our ability to creatively navigate and respect the regulatory environment. The vignettes included diverse scenarios: a young woman in a café, a businesswoman at a conference, a mother in a grocery store, and a post-menopausal woman post-exercise. This variety ensured that viewers could see themselves in at least one of the situations, enhancing the relatability and impact of the campaign.

Production and client management

As one of the lead creatives, I was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the campaign — from script development and strategic planning to media strategy and production oversight.

I managed client relationships, ensuring that all creative outputs aligned with both the client’s expectations and regulatory standards. This involved guiding the client through the creative process and illustrate how the campaign’s approach would be both effective and compliant.

Challenges, solutions and learnings

Enhanced brand engagement
Creative leadership
Client trust and new opportunities

Balancing creative ambitions with the rigorous demands of pharmaceutical advertising was a key challenge. Regulatory restrictions often limit how benefits can be portrayed, requiring innovative approaches to communicate effectively without making unverifiable claims. Our team excelled at finding creative possibilities within these limitations, focusing on emotional reassurance and the situational onset of migraines, rather than direct symptom alleviation.

This campaign reinforced the importance of adaptability and client collaboration in pharmaceutical advertising. It highlighted the necessity of crafting compelling, human-centered stories that comply with industry regulations. Additionally, it taught me the crucial role of clear communication and strategic creativity in conveying a product’s unique benefits while fully respecting and operating within legal boundaries.

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