Let's Get to Work!

Agency self-promotion project – finding creative and new ways to highlight clients and agency

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Project overview

“Let’s Get to Work!” is a web series launched on YouTube that showcases the insightful journey of Fredrik Stranne, CEO, self-proclaimed “people pioneer” and HR-rockstar, as he drives executives, HR-leaders and specialists, to work exploring their successes and strategies in becoming attractive employers.

The series cleverly integrates car travel with professional development, leveraging the theme of moving forward both literally and figuratively.

Creative concept

The web series features relaxed, in-car interviews with Coreworkers’ clients to highlight their partnership with the agency and the strategic work implemented to elevate their brands.

This format was chosen to foster candid conversations and to visually symbolize the journey towards enhanced HR practices, using road signage graphics to guide the narrative and connect each episode’s theme.

Featured guests include Petra Schedin Stergel from Dirac, Lena Hadad from Arbetsförmedlingen and Kriminalvården, Björn Vedin from Domsjö Fabriker, Katarina Roddar from PwC Sweden, Peter Göransson from Fonus, and Ben Fox from the One Agent sister agency Blackbridge in London.

See the entire first season of Let's get to Work 👇

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Execution and production

The production of “Let’s Get to Work!” was a learning experience, involving GoPro filming, sound syncing, and post-production editing, all coordinated to maintain the series’ thematic “red thread.”

Challenges in technical execution were met with creative solutions and a focus on cohesive branding and social media integration made the show come alive in relevant contexts and target audiences.

A mini-doc of the man behind the wheel

The star of the show is the CEO of Coreworkers, Fredrik Stranne. We made a portrait or a short mini-documentary about him, highlighting who he is as well as raise interest in him as a person – and someone you want to work together with.

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Results and impact

Enhanced brand engagement
+800% LinkedIn engagment for the agency
More than 4 500 views (in a very niched market)

The series successfully reached its initial follower goal and significantly increased LinkedIn engagement by over 816%.

It has sparked interest across the industry, with clients eager to participate and industry media highlighting the unique approach.

The success has also led to panel discussion invitations for the CEO and increased visibility among potential clients, who frequently reference the series.

As of June 2024, the series had reached 4 569 views. The channel, that had been around for years, had gone from 0 subscribers to 116.

Personal reflection and the future of the show

This project was a thrilling “rock’n’roll” adventure that taught the importance of creative freedom and rigorous project scheduling.

The positive reception has inspired plans to expand the series into a larger format, reaffirming the value of collaborative creativity in producing regular, impactful content.

Future seasons are expected to continue this momentum, further solidifying Coreworkers’ reputation as a leader in creative and strategic HR solutions as well as an employer branding agency.

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