art director / senior advertising creative
Martin Welander

art director / senior advertising creative
Martin Welander

Hello, I'm Martin 👋

I am a versatile senior advertising creative with over ten years of experience working in different creative agencies.

I studied as a conceptual advertising art director at Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm, Sweden, and I enjoy coming up with ideas and concepts for brands. I still love working directly with the tools and applying my skills.

I like solving problems and my curiosity pushes me to keep learning and improving.

Case studies and selected works


Navigating industry regulations and being creative within the box.


Navigating the pharmaceutical industry requires careful balance: adhering to legal restrictions, managing modest budgets, and guiding cautious clients. This section showcases how, despite numerous challenges, innovative campaigns for brands like Treo, Zyx, and Maxalt Rapitab thrive within these constraints. Explore these cases to see how creativity excels, even in a tightly regulated environment.


Connecting with a younger audience through cultural insight


“When you don’t want a
sore throat.”

Maxalt Rapitab

Focused campaign connects
with women

Employer branding

Crafting cultures and building brand identities from the inside out.


An award winning, [not so square] transformation for square building company Adapteo

Experimental advertising and emerging tech

Blending new tech with creativity and cleverness.


A 360° thrilling adventure: turning an ICA store into a dungeon for Halloween


A dive into virtual reality
(before it was [un]cool)

Let's get to work!

Finding creative new ways to self-promote an agency and highlight its expertise and clients.

Let's get to work!

A new way to promote an agency. In this case, the employer branding agency Coreworkers.

Featured Selections
Various projects and works

Discover the subtle touches in my carefully crafted projects.

Works well with others

What some of the people I’ve worked with have to say about me.

Quote from a former colleague

a clever jack-of-all-trades who always comes up with things with a fun unexpected twist

Quote from a former colleague

curious, helpful, and always willing to assist with input and thoughts

Quote from a former colleague

visually strong, flexible, unpretentious, solution-oriented, creative, and responsive

Quote from a former colleague

a wise and reflective person who is interested in others

Quote from a former colleague

a very good "right hand" for project managers in his projects, as he has a great helicopter perspective

Quote from a former colleague

super-creative and a very fun and inspiring person to work with


I’ve worked with clients spanning many various industries, all with their own challenges.

  • Adapteo
  • Treo
  • Carlsberg
  • Region Uppsala
  • H&M
  • ICA
  • Zyx
  • Festis
  • Maxalt Rapitab
  • Södersjukhuset
  • Brooklyn Brewery
  • Somersby
  • SBAB
  • Apotekarnes Julmust
  • Guinness
  • JBL
  • Kate Kae
  • Ford
  • American Express
  • Kavli
  • Innocent
  • Amazon Prime
  • Falcon
  • Pandora
  • Coca-Cola
  • Klarna
  • Veidekke
  • Celsius
  • Schneider Electric
  • PwC
  • Eriks Såser
  • Rusta
  • Apotek Hjärtat
  • Amber Bay
  • Blå Band
  • BorderShop
  • AirTours
  • Storytel
  • Ecco
  • Wästbygg Group
  • re:member
  • Ecco
  • Fanta
  • Our/Vodka
  • SBS Discovery
  • Tallink Silja
  • History Channel
  • Erdinger
  • and more...


A selection of some of all the things I can do.

  • creative direction
  • art direction
  • copywriting
  • social media strategy
  • advertising strategy
  • creative strategy
  • digital strategy
  • branding
  • insights
  • strategy
  • employer branding
  • customer insights
  • target group insights
  • client interaction
  • digital marketing
  • crossmedia marketing
  • integrated marketing
  • pr
  • internal communications
  • identity
  • brand development
  • social media marketing
  • graphic design
  • motion graphics
  • web
  • interaction design
  • typography
  • creative production
  • advertising
  • communication
  • editing
  • brochures
  • interactive ads
  • film
  • print design
  • presentation design
  • packaging design
  • photoshop
  • after effects
  • illustrator
  • premiere pro
  • indesign
  • chatgpt
  • ai
  • and more...